Considering Bromine: A Chlorine Alternative for Pools and Spas

Bromine Tablets for Pools and Spas

It’s no secret that chlorine can be harsh on skin and irritate eyes.  Plus, the strong smell of chlorine is more than a little unpleasant to many swimmers.  For these reasons, bromine tablets are a desirable alternative for sanitizing pools and spas. 

Because bromine doesn’t have a harsh chemical odor, like chlorine, it is often used in indoor pools where chlorine odor can be overpowering.  Bromine is also preferred in spas and hot tubs because it is more stable in high temperature water than chlorine, making it a more effective spa sanitizer.

Using bromine in standard outdoor swimming pools is something to consider, too.  Bromine continues to kill bacteria even after the pool’s weekly shock treatment, unlike chlorine.  Because of this, the volume of bromine required to clean a pool is much less than the volume of chlorine required.  Using less chemical means that it needs to be purchased less often.

The downside is that bromine generally costs more than chlorine.  For many pool and spa owners, though, the advantages make it worth the extra expense.

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