Cover Pumps — An Essential Element For Winter Pool Covers


What happens over the course of the Fall, Winter, and early Spring as rain and melting snow accumulate on top of your swimming pool’s winter cover?  If you have a mesh winter pool cover, then that water drains through and should not collect over time.  But, if you have a solid material winter pool cover with no drain panels, then the water that accumulates on the pool cover has no place to go.  As water continues to collect, it grows heavier and heavier, pulling the winter cover out from under its anchors and down into the pool.  Not only does this situation make Spring clean up a headache, but water that collects on the winter cover and freezes has the potential of damaging the cover’s material.  Using a cover pump will prevent these problems.

Cover pumps, which come in automatic or manual varieties, are a recommended addition to any pool owner’s plan for winterizing the swimming pool.  Attach a standard garden hose to the cover pump and place it in the center of your pool’s winter cover.  The cover pump removes water as it accumulates.  Additionally, cover pumps can be used any place that water accumulates, including basements and boats.

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