Diving Board Covers Are a Smart Solution


Protecting your diving board over the long winter months is just as important as protecting the pool itself.  An unprotected diving board can be stained by decaying leaves and debris that fall in autumn, and it can be damaged by accumulations of ice and snow during the winter.  If you’ve ever tried to use tarps and ropes or bungee cords to cover and protect your diving board over the winter, you know the awkward and often unsuccessful challenge that can be.  And, if you’ve ever tried to remove the diving board altogether, you know how much back-breaking work is involved.  Removing a diving board also increases the potential that it will be damaged during transport or while in storage. 

An easy and affordable solution is a diving board cover.  Diving board covers are specially designed to fit snugly around the diving board so it stays protected while not in use.   There’s never a need to remove the diving board from the pool area, and securing the diving board cover to the board is a snap.

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