Dress Up Plain Pools with Simple Elegance

Expensive Swimming Pool Design

With enough money and creativity, swimming pools can be constructed in any shape or design you can imagine.  Builders can add multi-level waterfalls, fountains, decorative landscaping, rock formations, and more to create a luxurious backyard escape.  For those of us, though, who chose to have a traditional swimming pool installed without the fancy features, dressing up our existing pool is still a possibility.

Spruce up your poolside landscaping with luscious potted trees and other greenery, or install colorful and easy-spreading ground cover plants that require little maintenance and look great all season.

Decorative Plants for Poolside

Visit your local garden center or scour your own property to find eye-catching stones to place around the pool as decorative focal points.

Attach an elegant pool fountain to the side of your pool to bring the gentle and soothing sound of flowing water to each swimming experience.

Swimming Pool Fountain

Using your own creative instincts and choosing a few inexpensive, yet high impact, features will allow you to add charm and character to a once plain poolside.

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