Fill Your Pool and Support Your Local Fire Department

Tanker Truck

Looking for an easy way to fill your swimming pool this season and support your local firefighters at the same time?  Creative thinkers in Jackson, New Jersey, developed a unique fundraising idea that would allow homeowners to fill their backyard pools quickly with clean water by paying the local fire department a small fee to do the job. 

For only $200, fire fighters from the Cassville Volunteer Fire Company drive their tanker truck filled with clean water to local residents’ homes.  The $200 buys 7,000 gallons of water, so filling a newly installed pool would cost more, but it’s a win/win situation.  Backyard swimming pools can be filled much more quickly this way, and the fire department raises funds which can be used for necessities like training and equipment.

Community fire departments across the country could certainly benefit from a similar partnership with pool-owning citizens.  The Cassville Volunteer Fire Company and the residents of Jackson, New Jersey, have proven that creative fundraising can work in everyone’s favor.

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