Fill Your Pool and Support Your Local Fire Department

Tanker Truck

Looking for an easy way to fill your swimming pool this season and support your local firefighters at the same time?  Creative thinkers in Jackson, New Jersey, developed a unique fundraising idea that would allow homeowners to fill their backyard pools quickly with clean water by paying the local fire department a small fee to do the job. 

For only $200, fire fighters from the Cassville Volunteer Fire Company drive their tanker truck filled with clean water to local residents’ homes.  The $200 buys 7,000 gallons of water, so filling a newly installed pool would cost more, but it’s a win/win situation.  Backyard swimming pools can be filled much more quickly this way, and the fire department raises funds which can be used for necessities like training and equipment.

Community fire departments across the country could certainly benefit from a similar partnership with pool-owning citizens.  The Cassville Volunteer Fire Company and the residents of Jackson, New Jersey, have proven that creative fundraising can work in everyone’s favor.

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14 thoughts on “Fill Your Pool and Support Your Local Fire Department”

  1. Nadine

    I live right around the corner from Hernando county fire and rescue.2 I’m getting Sunday or Monday an 18×48 above ground pool it’s my son’s graduation present. He deserves it he’s work so hard to receive honors. Anyway my question is will they come fill my pool for free one time or is there a fee? I’m a single mom of an autistic son and I don’t know exactly how many gallons but I’m thinking 6000 or 7000 gallons to fill and that can’t be cheap so I can’t afford that. I would donate what I can but I don’t have much n if there’s a fee how much also do I make an appointment in advance or calling the same day is fine? Thank you I will be waiting to hear from you. Nadine.

  2. Michelle Fuller

    The fire departments do not have potable water, so they’re not going to fill anyone’s pool its liability….

    1. Trey Collier

      Some fire depts do and some do not. Many that do, hook up the hoses to nearby fire hydrants that are fed by the same main water supply that goes to a homes’ faucets. I never hurts to pick up the phone and ask.

    2. Me

      Almost ALL departments use potable water because they’re filling the tanks from the hydrants, which are connected to the main water lines that feed your home. It’s far faster to fill that way than to pump from creeks, rivers, and lakes, and it is also better for the equipment to use treated water. Even if you DID use non-treated water, once it is in your pool and is being filtered and chemicals added, it won’t be any different, other than taking much longer to filter and treat. Plus, you shouldn’t be drinking pool water regardless of where it comes from, so potable really isn’t the key issue.

  3. Andre

    Just brought a waterpool its 15feet around and 5feet deep cant find anyone that can come to fill it up .please help

  4. Alneta Davis

    I have an inground pool that’s 18 x 36 feet and 8 feet deep. About how much would I have to pay the fire department to fill my pool? I need a new liner so the water that’s in it has to be removed and then replaced.

  5. Manda

    Please note that hardly any fire departments actually fill pools, especially smaller departments. When someone asks the fire department to fill a swimming pool it lengthens response times to actual emergencies and takes away from the time the fire department personnel could be working on continued education. Also, it takes about 4 hours to properly dry and inspect a hose after it has been used.

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