Heating Your Pool in Tough Economic Times

People come up with unique solutions to all of their problems when the economy is bad. Many two car families have started car pooling and eliminated the payment and gas for a second car. Most people are eating out less often and almost everyone has stopped impulse shopping. One of the wildest stories to come out of the recession comes from the city of Redditch in Britain. Sharp spending cuts have forced the city to consider alternate ways to heat their community swimming pool. Their solution? Diverting waste heat from the local crematory to the next door leisure center, where the pool is located! It’s a very innovative solution, to say the least!

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on a crematorium to save you money when heating your pool. Pool heaters are more affordable than ever before. Whether you choose gas, propane, heat pumps, or solar, you will be able to find a money saving option that will allow your family to swim earlier in the beginning of the season and longer at the end of the season. You can maintain the perfect water temperature no matter what season.

Source: Burns, John F. “Britain: Crematory to Heat Swimming Pool.” The New York Times Online. 9 Feb. 2011. Web. 15 April 2011.

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Grew up as a Military Brat. (Thanks Dad. Hats off to my Mom too as it took a special person to be married to someone in the military) Was a competitive swimmer in high school and in college. 11 years a Red Cross Volunteer, teaching kids & adults how to swim. ARC Water Safety Instructor and WSI Trainer, CPR Instructor/Trainer and Advance First Aid Instructor. Proud Dad of two beautiful girls.

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