How Will You Keep Your Winter Cover in Place?


When summer ends and you prepare your above ground swimming pool for a long winter’s nap, a major part of that process is using a winter cover to protect the pool through long months of harsh winter weather.  How do you protect your winter cover from wind damage and keep it from blowing off of your pool or from creeping slowly out of position over the course of the winter season?  Two inexpensive and super-easy options for protecting and securing your winter pool cover are Cover Clips and Winter Cover Seal.

Cover clips are eWinter Cover Clipsxactly that…clips that keep your above ground pool’s winter cover in place.  Cover clips grip your top rail, holding your cover on tightly.  They also help to reduce wind damage and general wear and tear on your winter cover.  It is recommended to use two clips per upright or approximately every 16 to 18 inches.  Cover clips are inexpensive and come in packs of 5, 10, 20, or 30 clips.

Another option for securing your above ground pool’s winter cover is Winter Cover Seal.  While it lookWinter Cover Seals a bit like the plastic wrap that you have in your kitchen, Winter Cover Seal is actually a tough poly blend film that wraps around your pool to seal out gusty winds and keep your cover in place.  A special blend of resins enables this unique material to stretch and hold tightly over a long period of time, even during extremely cold weather.  Winter Cover Seal is also packed with UV inhibitors so that the sun will not weaken it.

However you choose to secure your above ground pool’s winter cover, doing so is an important step in protecting your pool cover, which in turn protects your pool.

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