Leaf Nets in Autumn Make Spring Clean Up a Snap


Once the weather grows cooler and pool owners decide to close the swimming pool for the winter, the most common procedure is to cover the pool with a winter pool cover.  Soon enough, Autumn leaves drop from the trees surrounding the covered pool, and they cascade gracefully through the air and settle gently on top of the pool cover…only to be forgotten until it is time to think about opening the pool again after the long winter months are over.  Those lovely Autumn leaves spend the winter decaying on top of the winter pool cover, and they make the removal of said pool cover a sloppy, dirty, heavy mess.  How does a pool owner prevent this problem and save some time during the Spring or Summer re-opening of the pool?  With a leaf net, of course.

A leaf net is a mesh cover designed to go on top of the winter pool cover until all the leaves and other debris have fallen from the surrounding trees.  Before the first hard frost, the leaf net should be removed by slowly dragging it off of the winter cover.  The leaves and other debris are removed with the leaf net.  At this point, leaves can be easily removed from the leaf net and added to the compost pile.  The leaf net should then be dried completely and stored in a cool, dry place until next Autumn.

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