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The Minden Master Propane Gas Grill was created to offer an alternative to typical barbeque grilling products. With its many features, this grill outshines comparable propane gas grills. The Minden Master Gas Grill is designed for experienced chefs as well as the novice user. The grill is not bulky, but it packs a powerful punch with 30,000 BTUs of heat and 3 burners.

The full-size Minden Master Gas Grill is designed to fit your outdoor living lifestyle without overwhelming your outdoor space. This grill has taken a “less is more” approach, yielding a superior product.

A standard grill comes with the following

  • Dishwasher-safe condiment tray
    The condiment tray doubles as your extended work surface. The lid lifts to expose a handy tray with recessed areas to store your relishes, barbeque sauce, and even utensils.
  • Dishwasher-safe cutting board
    The cutting board has a unique self healing design. It is made of polypropylene. One side is flush with the grilling surface for general cutting. The other side has a lip around the entire cutting board for cutting meats.
  • Push-button start, no batteries
    The push button electronic ignition starter doesn’t need batteries. It provides a continuous spark for easy lighting.
  • Porcelain-coated heavy gauge steel grate
    Easy-glide, non-obstructive lid.
  • Slide-out propane tank tray
    The slide out propane tank tray makes installation a breeze. *Propane Tank NOT included.*
  • Built-in temperature gauge
    You will never over cook your best steak with this built in temperature gauge. Cook with precise perfection.
  • Assembly Tool
    The grill comes with one tool, the only tool needed to assemble the unit.
  • Warranty
    Minden Grill Company is focused on providing you with the best working, longest lasting propane gas grill. Receive a limited 1-year, end-to-end warranty on all parts. Rather than provide 90 days of warranty on some parts, 1 year on others, and 5 years on the unbreakable portions of the grill, we provide a one-year warranty on ALL parts. This warranty does not apply to parts that have been damaged by the user, nor does it apply to grills that have been damaged due to mishandling. Warranty claims will only be honored for registered owners of the grill.

This power packed grill comes with many accessories as well as four different colors to match any outdoor decor.

The colors that are available are Black, Green, Red and Blue.

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