Pool Alarms Add Another Layer to Accident Prevention Plans

Swimming Pool Alarm

Even if you have safety fencing installed around your in ground or above ground swimming pool, you should seriously consider adding pool alarms to your swimming pool protection plan.  Protecting against accidents in and around the pool requires the implementation of multiple safety devices.

What to Look for in a Pool Alarm

Pool alarms may come with many more features than are presented here, but the following is a list of recommended features to look for when deciding on a pool alarm for your own backyard swimming pool:

  • Easy installation
  • Tamper proof
  • Includes a remote receiver with a range of up to 200 ft or more
  • Low battery indicator on alarm and on receiver
  • Recommended for the size and shape of your swimming pool
  • Able to detect an object as small as a 1 year old child, approximately 18 pounds
  • A loud and distinct alarm should sound within 20 seconds when a child simulator is dropped into the pool.

After you decide which pool alarm you need, performing regular tests of the alarm’s effectiveness will ensure that your alarm continues to function properly over time.

Multiple layers of protection significantly decrease the chance that accidents in and around the pool will occur.  No matter how many safety devices you choose to install, though, constant supervision by a responsible adult should always be part of the protection plan.

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