Pool Decks for Above Ground Pools — An Affordable Alternative

Owners of above ground pools face a common problem — what kind of deck do you put around the outside of the pool, if any?  Having no deck means that swimmers take the ladder straight from the grass into the pool, which means you’re cleaning grass and dirt out of the pool more often than you’d care to.   Decks for above ground pools, though, can be expensive if they are built with wood and custom-made to fit your particular pool and your particular yard.  Typical custom-made wood decks may look great, but they often cost even more than the pool.

Resin pool decks for above ground pools can be an ideal alternative.  High quality resin pool decks are extremely durable, UV protected to resist damage caused by the sun, and will fit nearly any above ground pool.  Additionally, resin pool decks are often less expensive than wood decks, and they add beauty and ease of entry to your above ground pool.

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