Pool Floats Offer Possibilities for Backyard Pools

Orca Squirting Pool Float  Croc Attack Squirting Pool Float

One of the many advantages of owning your own backyard swimming pool is having the freedom to use pool toys and floats to your heart’s content.  Most public pools don’t allow the use of toys or floats, which limits the number of ways the pool can be enjoyed.  Even the most creative kids can grow bored with the public pool when games of Marco Polo and underwater tea parties have been exhausted.  Luckily, no such limitations exist at home.

For kids, one of the best additions you can make to your home swimming pool is a pool float with personality. Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, but the most fun comes with pool floats that double as interactive pool toys.  Once your child hops on the back of an orca whale or wrestles with an inflatable crocodile, he can use the attached water squirter to engage in a playtime water battle with friends.  Water squirters never need to be refilled because the water is supplied directly from the pool.

Keeping pool floats and pool toys on hand for your backyard swimming pool ensures that your kids can enjoy unlimited possibilities during pool time play — possibilities that are rarely available at the local public pool.

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