Pool Frog Chlorinator Systems – The Mineral Alternative

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If you are looking for a more gentle, natural approach to pool care, the Pool Frog Automatic Chlorinator system is a great solution. Chlorinator systems have become very popular in recent years, with many using salt, oxygen, or light for chlorine generation. Pool Frog is unique because it uses minerals. The system works just like mother nature, using a patented ionic catalyst technology to provide clean, clear, and safe water without the harshness of traditional chemicals. Your pool water be remarkably gentle on the skin, eyes, and hair and smell fresh. You will feel like you have been swimming in a fresh water spring.

Operation is simple and inexpensive. As water passes through the Frog’s mineral system (consisting of silver, zinc, calcium, and other natural minerals), bacteria and viruses are killed and eliminated, effectively purifying your water. You need only to supplement the Frog system with a small amount of chlorine and a regular weekly shock. This means no more high doses of chlorine and other messy chemicals to dump into your pool. The Pool Frog even helps you pool’s pH stay balanced. This system will likely cost less than your current sanitation method does per season, and it is easily installed through your pool’s water return line. It will provide your family with sparkling clear water that you can feel good about!

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