Practical Pool Gift Ideas for Owners of Swimming Pools

Jet Net Remote Control Leaf Skimmer in Action

The Best Pool Gift Ideas to Save Time and Money

As pool owners already know, owning a swimming pool can be a costly affair. Everything from installation to daily maintenance during swim season requires homeowners to dig deep into their pockets. So, when it comes to gift giving times, the best gifts you can buy for a pool owner are the most practical ones. Sure, it is fun to receive a new game or an amusing sign to post poolside, but the gifts most appreciated are those that help to relieve some of the financial burden involved with the operation and maintenance of a swimming pool.

Remote Control Pool Skimmers

Practical gifts for the pool owner don’t need to cost a great deal. Remote control pool skimmers, for example, make for useful and fun gifts that are also relatively inexpensive. Pool skimmers aid in maintenance by skimming the surface of the water and picking up floating leaves and other debris. Remote control pool skimmers make this necessary job more fun. Kids and adults enjoy steering the skimmer around the pool, and surface cleaning becomes less of a chore.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Another practical and inexpensive gift idea for pool-loving people are swimming pool chemicals. While not the most romantic or exciting gift, swimming pool chemicals are essential for safe swimming. The pleasure of receiving swimming pool chemicals comes with the knowledge that this is one less item to be purchased when swim season arrives again. Saving money on necessary expenses is something any homeowner can appreciate.

Leaf Nets

Leaf nets are another practical gift idea, especially for anyone who lives in an area surrounded by trees. Many pool owners have to deal with the chore of removing fallen, wet, sloppy leaves from their pool cover once autumn is over. Leaving that debris on the pool cover is not a good idea because wet, saturated leaves are heavy, and when they decompose, they become a nasty mess. Leaf nets prevent this, which makes leaf nets a welcome gift for anyone who has experienced this situation. Leaf nets are made of durable mesh material, and they are placed on top of a winter cover or safety cover before autumn leaves begin to fall. The leaf net, along with all of the leaves and debris collected on top, is easily removed before the first hard frost. Spring clean up becomes much easier for homeowners, and many wonder how they could have lived with a pool for so long without a leaf net.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

One of the ultimate gifts for pool owners is not only practical, but often highly desired. Robotic pool cleaners are on many homeowners’ wish lists of items they’d love to buy for the pool. Robotic pool cleaners are a little more expensive, though, and tend to be overshadowed by more pressing needs. Cleaning a swimming pool is an ongoing task, and one that is not always a favorite of pool owners, so finding the easiest and least time consuming method possible is a big deal. Robotic pool cleaners offer a solution. They can clean the sides and bottom of a pool automatically, and they “remember” the size and shape of the pool so that cleaning is always performed thoroughly and efficiently. Robotic pool cleaners save homeowners enormous amounts of time and energy, and what better gift could there be than one that gives back on a consistent basis?

Some people hesitate buying practical gifts for friends and family because practical may seem boring or lacking in creativity. Many would argue, though, that practical gifts are more welcome than frivolous or unusual gifts.  A present that can be used well and that serves a real purpose in the life of the recipient shows consideration on the part of the person giving that present. Making the lives of our loved ones easier, less burdened, is the best reason of all for choosing wisely with pool gift ideas are needed when these giving times come around.



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