Pool Heater Covers Are an All-Season Necessity

Pool Heater Covers

If you haven’t been covering your swimming pool’s heater, now is the time to start.  During the early spring and fall, trees are shedding an abundance of leaves, twigs, seeds, flowers, and pine needles which collect inside of your pool heater and trap moisture.  In the winter, rain, snow, and ice accumulate in, on, and around your heater.  All of these situations have the potential of decreasing efficiency and causing damage.

Weather-Out Pool Heater Covers feature a durable vinyl exterior that resists tears and damage from sunlight while also protecting the heater from rain, sprinkler systems, salt-water spray, snow, ice, leaves, and other debris.  The non-woven interior lining does not retain moisture and prevents condensation.  The generous fit of this particular pool heater cover allows plenty of air flow, so you are rewarded with a clean, dry heater.  A handy Velcro seam allows the pool heater cover to be installed and removed easily, so disconnecting or removing any piping is not necessary.

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