Preventing Slips Around the Pool

Invisatread Anti-Slip Solution

Running around the pool can be dangerous. It is always wet and slippery. Falls can be painful and costly for both guests and pool owners. Applying Invisatred Anti-Slip Solution is a great way to prevent slips and falls in your pool area. Invisatred is an invisible slip resistant treatment that gives traction to pool decks and other slippery surfaces without changing the look or feel of the surface. It safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable and can be reapplied every two years without altering a surface. It can be applied with a mop or sponge. You apply, wait 15 minutes, and rinse away. It is that easy! Invisatred can be applied to almost all indoor and outdoor surfaces, excluding wood. It’s a great way to protect your pool area from slips that cause bumps, scrapes, and bruises.

About Trey Collier

Grew up as a Military Brat. (Thanks Dad. Hats off to my Mom too as it took a special person to be married to someone in the military) Was a competitive swimmer in high school and in college. 11 years a Red Cross Volunteer, teaching kids & adults how to swim. ARC Water Safety Instructor and WSI Trainer, CPR Instructor/Trainer and Advance First Aid Instructor. Proud Dad of two beautiful girls.

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