Safety Device For Small Animal Rescue

A huge bull frog made its way to our pool three times this summer.  We were able to catch him with a pool net and proudly release him into the field behind our house.  That means over our fence and a good distance from our swimming pool.  Well, he returned two more times. 

I do not like frogs or anything else that makes its fury or slimy little way into our pool.  I certainly want to spare the life of these little beings even though I can’t stand the sight of them.  Then I did some research and found a solution that also helps the environment at the same time.  I was  tired of the nasty job of removing frogs, mice or other critters from your pool skimmer.  Protective  Critter Skimmers are the perfect solution.

About Trey Collier

Grew up as a Military Brat. (Thanks Dad. Hats off to my Mom too as it took a special person to be married to someone in the military) Was a competitive swimmer in high school and in college. 11 years a Red Cross Volunteer, teaching kids & adults how to swim. ARC Water Safety Instructor and WSI Trainer, CPR Instructor/Trainer and Advance First Aid Instructor. Proud Dad of two beautiful girls.

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