Solar Saddle Is an Affordable and Effective Alternative to Solar Reels

Solar Saddle Solar Pool Cover Storage

Removing and storing a solar pool cover each time you wish to use your above ground swimming pool can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have a partner handy who can help you with the process.  Solar cover reels are a standard option for easy cover removal and storage by one person, but reels are often very expensive.  A simpler solution is the Solar Saddle, which is a much more affordable product that installs easily and works like a charm.

Using the Solar Saddle is easy.  To remove and store your cover, you simply pull the cover off of the pool from poolside, just like you would pull a sheet off from the end of your bed.  The cover lays in the Solar Saddle’s holders, folded accordion style.  Now your cover is stored.  To put the cover on, just reverse the process.

Simple, elegant, affordable — the Solar Saddle is a smart solution for above ground swimming pools.

3 thoughts on “Solar Saddle Is an Affordable and Effective Alternative to Solar Reels”

  1. Trey Collier

    It is more than durable enough to hold a solar cover. It was designed for that specific purpose. I’d like to take a second to note that solar covers aren’t designed to used to keep leaves out of the pool. True, leaves fall on the cover stay on top, but unless you take the time to pick them off before removing the cover, they wind up in the pool when you remove the cover.

  2. Deb

    I am looking for a system to store the winter cover. Would this be durable enough to house that type of cover? We have LOTS of trees and it would be nice to cover and uncover as needed but storage is an issue. Are these sturdy enough for that.
    Thanks for your attention!

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