Spruce Up Your Pool Side this Season with Resin Furniture…Seriously

Pool furniture takes a real beating over the course of a swimming season. Wet towels, wet bodies, standing water, residue from sun tanning products, and harsh weather take a toll on standard variety furniture. Because of this, cheap, flimsy furniture for your pool is not the ideal choice. The kind of furniture you can obtain from your local big box department store or home improvement warehouse is usually fairly affordable, but it is also usually made poorly, not particularly comfortable or attractive, and lasts only two or three seasons before needing to be replaced. More and more, homeowners are choosing to upgrade to a better quality of pool furniture to take advantage of its long life, good looks, and real comfort.

One of the most desirable materials used to make high quality pool furniture today is resin, and two of the most popular types of resin furniture are molded resin and resin wicker. The molded resin furniture referred to here is not the same as you would find in the local discount store. Top quality molded resin furniture, unlike the cheaper variety, is constructed of a special mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin. This superior synthetic material absorbs the sun’s heat and resists fading, cracking, and yellowing. It is also not affected by weather conditions because it expands and contracts with the temperature.

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Likewise, the resin found in high quality resin wicker pool furniture is just as durable and weather resistant. The only real difference between molded resin furniture and resin wicker furniture is appearance. Molded resin furniture brings a more casual look and feel to the pool side. It is most often white with smooth surfaces and clean, simple lines, and it can be used comfortably with or without outdoor seat and back cushions. Resin wicker, on the other hand, brings a more sumptuously formal look and feel to the pool area. Available colors include rich and dramatic browns and blacks, but one can easily find white resin wicker furniture as well. Seat cushions made with beautiful and weather proof fabrics are the norm with resin wicker furniture.

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In general, high quality molded resin and resin wicker pool furniture have many advantages over pool furniture made from other materials. They are both good-looking, durable, able to withstand all kinds of pool side abuses, and easy to clean and maintain. It’s hard to deny the value of high-quality furniture for your pool when compared to its cheaper, flimsier, and significantly shorter-lived competition.

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