Summon Your Inner Snow Monkey

Japanese Snow Monkey

While most people I know look forward to lighting candles and decorating trees in December, I look forward to summoning my inner snow monkey.  Japanese macaques spend a good deal of their time soaking in naturally steamy volcanic hot springs, but since I live nowhere near a hot spring, I count on my portable hot tub to whisk me away to snow monkey paradise.

There’s really nothing quite like lounging in a hot, bubbling spa when the surrounding air is cold enough to turn breath into ice crystals.  Falling snow and winter bird activities make for relaxing entertainment while basking in warm Portable Hot Tubwaters.  At night, clear winter skies spread out a blanket of stars to which no holiday light show can compare.

Japanese snow monkeys know that the secret to enjoying cold winter days is to spend as much time as possible in a steamy bath, preferably with friends.  Following their example, with the help of a portable hot tub, makes for a truly happy holiday season.

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