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Protect Your Pets and Other Critters From Accidental Drowning


Protecting your children in your family pool is a given! Every parent knows the importance of protecting your loved ones, but have you considered protecting small creatures that may wander into your pool? Small animals such as cats, dogs, frogs, squirrels, and rodents can often find their way into your pool water. In the U.S. alone, over 50,000 family pets drown needlessly in swimming pools and walled lakes each year . This number does not even include non-pet drownings. There are tools available to help prevent this sad occurrence. In addition to the humane act of sparing the small animals’ lives, you minimize bacteria from animal waste because they will be safe and sound on your pool deck instead of being trapped in your pool skimmer. The Pool Critter Escape Ramp is a floating ramp with a weighted pillow that sits on your pool deck. When small animals fall into your water, they will instinctively swim to the sides of the pool looking for a way out. When they encounter the escape ramp, they can crawl out on their own. The Skamper-Ramp works in a similar way. It is constructed of blowmolded polyethylene that is both light and sturdy. It is also chemical and weather resistant to offer protection over many seasons! Both choices are affordable and almost effortless to install!