Animal Rescue device to help prevent drowning

The Skamper-Ramp is the only inexpensive, tested, proven, drowning prevention, animal water escape/safety ramp where you do not have to be present to save animal lives. Because all living beings see 550 nm (white), they can see it, day or night, and they escape when they skamper out on the ramp. Click Here to see the Skamper-Ramp in action. (Please allow a moment to Download)

Did you know that each year, in the U.S. alone, over 50,000 family pets drowned needlessly in swimming pools and walled lakes, along with countless millions of other animals? Skamper-Ramp is a simple, inexpensive solution: even for fenced-in pools: whether it is a wild critter or a pet, You will have no more morning surprises with Skamper-Ramp on duty. It is the animal rescue device that will help protect pets and wild animals from accidental drowning whether or not you are in the area.

The Skamper-Ramp is not only good for cats and dogs, but also for other critters like our little friend here that may get in your pool and possibly cause damage to your pool or pool liner if you have a vinyl liner pool. The Skamper-Ramp can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs for an inexpensive price.


The holes in the Skamper-Ramp are small enough so even the smallest of critters wont fall through and can get out safely. If you have a critter in your pool that you want out, you can simply use your net to guide them to the Skamper-Ramp so they can escape safely without having to handle them.


The size was determined by the fact that the actual shoulder width of most all dogs, and therefore the placement of their feet, virtually never exceeds 12 inches. Most any animal's upper body can be held out of water by the original size, and therefore the ramp will have done what it is supposed to do - prevent drowning. Because so many customers asked for it, we made the long version (the Super Skamper-Ramp ) for dogs that weigh more (to distribute their weight over more distance and because of their longer shoulder to hip lengths.) But you should know that we have had 120+/- lb dogs (Rhodesian ridgeback, Sheepdog, Golden Retriever) go out on the small ramp and, although the ramp creased near the bent edge, it still worked for the Jack Russell and Boykin Spaniels that followed.

The Skamper-Ramp is constructed of snap-together blowmolded polyethylene . The animals do not see colors but they do see white. Polypropylene is the choice because:

  • It is Light and robust (has a very high weight-to-strength ratio, meaning that a very light piece of plastic can hold a few magnitudes times its own weight)
  • It is chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant (can be installed in pools, oceans, lakes, and out in pure sunshine, or in freezing cold)
  • It is rugged and unbreakable (it may bend and not look so pretty, but it will not break, and is viable for other animals even after bending.)
  • It feels good under dogs and animal's pads (you still need to train them to it because it is a new skill)
  • It is recyclable and is light enough that it can be installed and put to use by anyone.
  • Skamper Ramp Dimensions: 25in L x 13in W x 6.5in H
    Super Skamer Ramp Dimensions: 40in L x 13in W x 6.5in H

Other Interesting facts about the Skamper Ramp:

  • Skamper-Ramp was featured on ABC's Good Morning America summer pet safety segment June 7, 2005 with Dr. Becker, DVM, and at the APPMA 2006 Press event with Dr. Becker
  • Skamper-Ramp was included on CBs' The Early Show on Tuesday, April 12 with Dr. Debbie Turner, DVM-during pet safety segment
  • Skamper-ramp is featured in animal safety programs on Animal Planet
  • Skamper-ramp is featured in local news segments around the country in ABC, Fox, and NBC affiliates
  • Veterinary Practice News, Dog and Kennel, Modern Dog, Pet Age, Dog Fancy magazines have all covered Skamper with stories and spotlights.

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