Diving Boards, S.R. Smith

Diving Boards, S.R. Smith

Diving Board for In Ground Swimming Pools

This Fibre-Dive in ground swimming pool diving board is resting on a Flyte Deck II stand (sold as option) and is intended for light to moderate duty use on residential pools. There are no unusual climatic restrictions for this diving board's use. The DuraBeam Diving Board has a durable acrylic outer body (skin), a non-slip, sanded tread and is pre-drilled with two holes for ease in installation. With hand-laid fiberglass and resin roving over twin laminated wood runners acting as the board's skeletal frame, the DuraBeam Diving Board will provide years of fun and safety on residential pools. All diving boards have two holes that are 12" apart and 4" from the back end. 3 Year Warranty Available in 6ft, 8ft or 10ft, with and without Stand. Mounting hardware is included.

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White Diving Board Size Price Sale Price
6ft Diving Board $755.95 $666.95
8ft Diving Board $942.33 $781.95
10ft Diving Board $1025.00 $894.95

2-hole Diving Board Replacement Bolts Kit
2-hole Diving Board Replacement Bolts Kit

Price: $69.00
Sale Price: $58.99

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