Take Pool Safety Beyond the Basics

Pool Safety Alarm

Owning a swimming pool, whether it is an above ground pool or an in ground pool, means taking responsibility for the safety of children and pets who live on or near your property.  There’s more to pool safety, though, than equipping your swimming pool with safety features like anti-entrapment drain covers, safety covers, pool alarms, and pool fences.  Even with every available safety device installed, there is still no guarantee that a child will never experience a pool-related injury or accident in your backyard pool, or in a pool owned by a neighbor or family member.

Everything from bumps and scrapes to submersion and drowning accidents are possible in a swimming pool, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected by getting trained in CPR and first aid.  Your local chapter of the American Red Cross probably offers courses regularly, and the best time to schedule one is now, before the swimming season begins.

Equipping your swimming pool with safety barriers and devices is a vital step in helping to prevent the worst kind of swimming pool accidents.  Equipping yourself, though, with the skills and knowledge to handle any degree of pool-related injury or accident takes you to an even higher level of responsible pool ownership.

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