The Price Is Right on Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool

The popularity of above ground pools has grown in recent years, and many homeowners who may have never before considered owning one are now taking a second look. The reasons for this turn around are numerous, but cost is most certainly a major contributor to the rise in popularity of above ground pools.

Even before the onset of current economic problems, in ground pools were cost prohibitive for many homeowners. In fact, “sales of new [in ground] pools have fallen nearly 75% from their 2004 peak,” according to research conducted by P.K. Data, Inc. Comparing the cost of purchasing and installing an in ground pool with the cost of purchasing and installing an above ground pool reveals a significant difference. Above ground pools, in most cases, cost thousands of dollars less, making them a much more affordable option for homeowners, even in today’s tough economic climate.

To save even more money on a new above ground swimming pool, start looking during the off season when prices are at their lowest.  Pool manufacturers and distributors are more likely to offer better deals when business is slow.

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