Think Ahead to Spring: Now Is the Time for Leaf Nets

Leaf Nets

Now that it’s time to close the backyard swimming pool for the season, it’s also time to think ahead to next season.  Doing a quick job of winterizing and cutting corners will save you time now, but when spring rolls around and you see the damp and decaying layer of dead leaves that has accumulated on your winter pool cover for months, you’ll wish you had spent a little more time preparing the pool for an easy spring clean up.

One fast and simple way to prevent that disgusting layer of slimy, decomposing leaves and debris from building up on your winter cover is to use a leaf net.  A leaf net is a mesh cover that goes over your winter cover or safety cover.  Set it up before the leaves begin to fall this autumn, and remove it before your first snow.  The time and effort saved by collecting autumn leaves in a leaf net will go a long way in the spring when you are ready to prepare the pool for a new season of swimming.

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