Top Remodeling Trends for 2011

Tahitian Above Ground Pool
The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) recently released a report that outlined the twelve biggest remodeling trends expected for 2011. Along with going green in larger areas of your home and warming up your interior color palate, one of the top trends is adding a deck and pool to your backyard area (which comes in at number four on the list). Leading experts stated in this study that people are spending more time at home and, therefore, are sprucing up their backyard areas in order to maximize their family relaxation time. A great way to get in on this trend AND stay within your budget is to consider an above ground pool. Above ground pools are available in many sizes and shapes. The unattractive, eye-sore pools of the past are long gone. Above ground pools are now stylish and sleek, blending into any backyard. By adding a beautiful deck around your pool, you will transform  your backyard into the oasis of relaxation and fun that you have always dreamed of! Save additional costs by looking into resin above ground pool decks instead of traditional wood.  They offer the same convenience without the steep price. Don’t miss out on this exciting trend in home renovation.


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