What’s Your Favorite Pool Toy?

Remote Control Pool Toys

Mine is a remote controlled boat.  Remote controlled boats are fun for everyone, they don’t require athletic ability, and they can be enjoyed no matter if you are hanging out in the water or lounging poolside.

A favorite choice among pool owners is the boat that doubles as a skimmer. Remote controlled pool skimmers make theRemote Control Pool Skimmer clean up of leaves and surface debris a fun activity rather than a chore. Additionally, it’s easy to create your own games with a remote controlled pool skimmer and score points with every bit of debris collected.

Another fun remote controlled boat resembles a flying saucer and squirts water at the touch of a button. You can surprise an unsuspecting friend with a stream of water shot from twenty feet away — just be sure your friend is a good sport.

What’s your favorite swimming pool toy or game?

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