Winterizing? Don’t Forget to Clean That Pool!

Dirty Pool

Did you know that cleaning your swimming pool is one of the first and most important steps in winterizing it, but it’s often the step that gets overlooked or skipped?  Once swimming season is over, it’s natural to want to spend as little time as possible getting the pool ready for the winter months.  But, shirking the responsibility of cleaning your pool can invite problems.  When leaves, dirt, and other debris are left in a pool for an extended period of time, they can leave unsightly and permanent stains.  Additionally, the effectiveness of your winterizing chemicals is diminished when a pool contains debris.  Automatic Pool Cleaner

Preventing these problems means brushing down the sides and bottom of the pool with a wall brush, letting all that debris settle to the bottom, and then vacuuming it.  Automatic Pool Cleaners make the job of cleaning a bit easier, and there are a wide variety of automatic pool cleaners available for above ground pools and in ground pools.

Taking that little bit of extra time for cleaning your swimming pool when you winterize is well worth the effort.  You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor when you reveal a clean, stain-free pool after the winter pool cover comes off next season.

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