Winterizing Your Pool? Don’t Neglect the Diving Board

Diving Board Covers

Winterizing your backyard swimming pool includes taking proper care to protect the diving board.  Some pool owners prefer not to do anything to protect the diving board through the off-season.  Without a proper cover, though, a diving board can become stained by debris that falls on the board and stays there for an extended period of time.  Additionally, an uncovered diving board can become damaged over time by harsh winter weather.

Covering a diving board with a tarp and ropes or bungee cords is another way some pool owners choose to protect the diving board.  Doing an effective job of covering the diving board in this manner, though, is physically challenging, and the tarp material itself offers inadequate protection from cold weather conditions and destructive ultraviolet rays.

A proper Diving Board Cover is the most effective way to protect a diving board through many years of cold winter seasons.  Constructed of high-tech and rugged material, the superior quality diving board cover is resistant to mildew, below zero temperatures, and harsh UV rays.  A proper diving board cover should be fast to put on and remove, making it an easy task to add to the yearly winterizing process.

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