Critter Skimmer Pool Skimmer Cover
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Critter Skimmer Pool Skimmer Cover

Safety Device for Small Animal Rescue

Are you tired of the nasty job of removing frogs, mice or other critters from your pool skimmer? If so then the Critter Skimmer is the perfect solution for you and you will be helping the environment. Go Green and save a frog!

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The Critter Skimmer is an environmentally safe way to save the frogs and small critters that inevitably make their way into your in-ground pool! Critter Skimmer is an eco-friendly invention that allows frogs, turtles, mice, and other small critters to rescue themselves from in-ground pool skimmers. Replacing the pool skimmer cover with a Critter Skimmer allows animals that invariably end up in the pool to climb up the attached spiral rescue ramp and through the opening in the skimmer cover to safety.



The 10" covers fit Hayward, Waterway, Sta-Rite, Swimquip, U3, Jacuzzi and American Skimmers. The 9" cover is for Pentair skimmers.

Please click here to see a video of how to Install the Critter Skimmer


This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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