Swimming Pool  Alarms Help To Save Lives

Swimming Pool Alarms Help To Save Lives

Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pool Safety Devices

Pool Alarms give you a sense of security. Help protect your family, friends, and neighbors from accidental drownings and submersions in the swimming pool by investing in a pool safety water alarm. Pool owners, especially those with young children, grandchildren, and pets, should always keep pool safety in mind. Pool Alarms and other safety swim products can be used as an extra safeguard, but they should never be relied upon as the only line of defense in preventing a child from drowning in your pool. The keys to preventing pool accidents are placing barriers around your pool, closely supervising your child, and being prepared in case of an emergency.

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Poolwatch Pool Alarm
Poolwatch Pool Alarm
Price: $243.98
Sale Price: $174.95
Above Ground Pool Alarm
Above Ground Pool Alarm
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $71.99

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