Public Pool Regulations
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Public Pool Regulations

Heavy Duty Plastic Swimming Pool Sign

This Public Pool Regulations Sign is 18" x 24" and constructed of heavy duty plastic.It has pre-punched holes for easy hanging and features U.V. resistant ink. It lists the following rules:

  1. All persons using the swimming pool must take a shower before entering the pool enclosure.
  2. Any person having an infectious or communicable disease is prohibited from using a public pool.
  3. Persons having open blister, cuts, etc. are advised not to use the pool.
  4. Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging bodily wastes in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  5. Running, boisterous or rough play or excessive noise is forbidden in the pool area, showers or dressing rooms.
  6. Common towels, combs, brushes and drinking cups are prohibited. Private swim suits and towels should be cleaned and dried after each use.
  7. No person may take food or drink inside the pool enclosure.
  8. Dogs and other animals are not allowed in the pool area.
  9. All children and non-swimmers must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult supervisor.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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