Replacement AquaFirst Pool Cleaner Filter Bag
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Replacement AquaFirst Pool Cleaner Filter Bag

Replacement Filter Bag for AquaFirst Pool Cleaners

The AquaFirst Pool Cleaner scrubs the pool's bottom, sides, and waterlines to loosen dirt and algae. Dirt and debris is then vacuumed into the cleaner through intake ports on the bottom of the unit. This is where a filter bag in good condition can make all the difference for a clean pool. Coarse debris like twigs and leaves, as well as fine particles as small as algae and bacteria are trapped in the internal filter bag for easy removal after the cleaning cycle is completed. The AquaFirst Filter Bag is easy to remove and install and takes only a few minutes.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Last Updated: 02/16/2024 12:05 PM - ID:6022