Baracuda® G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner - W03000
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Baracuda® G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner - W03000

Automatic Pool Cleaner for In Ground Swimming Pools

Baracuda Automatic In Ground Pool Cleaner by Zodiac. The Baracuda® G3 in ground automatic pool cleaner will thoroughly clean your in-ground pool, including the walls - automatically removing dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, and even pebbles. Its anti-stick design ensures that it will reach all of your pool because it can navigate around steps, ladders, and corners.

The Baracuda® G3 is easy to install- it only takes a few minutes. No tools or special plumbing are required. The unit hooks up to your skimmer and is driven by your pump and filter system. Baracuda®'s "flowkeeper" control valve allow the unit to perform efficiently even on lower horsepower pumps. It also acts as a skimmer while the unit is cleaning. The Baracuda® G3 cleans anytime your pump runs.

The Baracuda® G3 is quieter. Unlike other automatic cleaners that have "flapper" valves that make annoying hammering noises, the G3 is quick, efficient and quiet. This powerful cleaner is backed by a 2-Year Warranty and comes complete with 39-feet of hose.


Baracuda® G3 Automatic Pool Cleaner - W03000 - ID#:BWP-NE220
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