Baracuda Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner - W01698
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Baracuda Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner - W01698

Suction Side Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Swimming Pools by Zodiac

Baracuda Ranger Pool Cleaner by Zodiac is the most affordable, dependable automatic pool cleaner for above ground pools you can buy. It will thoroughly clean your above ground pool, removing dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves and even pebbles. The Baracuda Pool Cleaner requires no extra plumbing and incurs no additional energy cost.

SIMPLY QUIETER. Other cleaners make an annoying flapper or hammer noise. The Baracuda Ranger Pool Cleaner is built to work quickly, effectively and quietly.

SIMPLE TO INSTALL. You can install a Baracuda Pool Cleaner in minutes. No tools or special plumbing is required. The Baracuda Ranger cleans automatically, anytime your pump runs. Comes with 32ft of hose.

SIMPLY MAINTAINED. The Baracuda Ranger Above Ground Pool Cleaner has only one operational moving part, the diaphragm. And less parts means less maintenance. If it should ever need service, its patented Easy Access System lets you remove it, service it yourself and replace it, right at home.

SIMPLY THE BEST SUPPORT. As you would expect from one of the world's largest manufacturers of automatic pool cleaners, the Baracuda Ranger Automatic Pool Cleaner has been designed to clean your aboveground pool effectively and economically. No other automatic pool cleaner is built better or is more dependable. So, don't take a chance on another pool cleaner, tell your authorized Baracuda dealer, you want to take home the one that works in your pool. The Baracuda Ranger, the choice has never been so simple.

1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. The Ranger is covered against all manufacturing defects for 1 full year, and all wear and tear for 1 year, even the hoses.


Baracuda is a registered trademark of Zodiac Pool Care.

Check out the Baracude Ranger Manual

Features of Baracuda Ranger Pool Cleaner
  • Extra Large Wheel Deflector-Helps the Ranger from getting caught on steps, ladders or in corners so it can keep on cleaning your pool.
  • Diaphragm (inside)-The Rangers one operational moving part. No gears, wheels or flappers means simple operation and maintenance.
  • Hyper Disc-Allows the Ranger to glide effortlessly along the bottom of your pool, up the sides and around steps cleaning your whole pool.

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