Dolphin Disposable Filter Bags 2-Pack

Dolphin Disposable Filter Bags 2-Pack

Fits Dolphin In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Pool Cleaner's brushes scrub the pool's bottom, sides, and waterlines to loosen dirt and algae. Dirt and debris are then vacuumed into the Dolphin through intake ports on the bottom of the Dolphin unit. That is when the Dolphin Disposable Filter Bag does its job. Coarse debris like twigs and leaves, as well as fine particles as small as algae and bacteria, are trapped in the Dolphin's internal filter bag for easy removal after the cleaning cycle is completed. While the Dolphin is cleaning your pool, crystal clear water is returned to your pool without involving your pool's main filter system. The Dolphin Disposable Filter Bag is easy to remove and install.

No more cleaning your filter bags. Just remove it, throw it away, and replace it with another one. A 2 pack will typically last through the summer season year.

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