Quick Vac Pool Vacuum - NP518
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Quick Vac Pool Vacuum - NP518

Great for vacuuming Inflatable Pools or spas

The QuickVac is a simple, easy way to vacuum your Inflatable Pool or Spa. The Quick Vac uses siphon action to remove dirt and debris. It has no moving parts. Simply insert the suction tube into the pool or spa, shake the tube and the Quick Vac goes to work. It will quickly remove the dirt and debris and remove it through its discharge hose.

The QuickVac cleans in just minutes. It produces so much siphon suction that it will even remove glass, pebbles, sand and leaves.

Insert QuickVac into the water. Position discharge hose so it lies below the bottom of body of water being drained.

Pump QuickVac up and down, with long, fast strokes to establish water flow. To maximize flow, wait a minute and then pump again.

Maneuver QuickVac to vacuum debris.

Quick Vac Advantages

  • Easy to use: Simply shake it to prime and you are vacuuming. No need to constantly pump, lift or squeeze.
  • Speed: It iss the fastest vacuum on the market. Insert, shake & vacuum - You'll be done in minutes.
  • No Set-up Required: It comes fully assembled and no set-up is required.
  • Safe: No electricity is required. Works in all weather conditions.

QuickVac Limitations

  • For use in Above Ground applications only. QuickVac will not vacuum any in-ground body of water.
  • For use in Water only. QuickVac is not to be used in, or close to any, dangerous or flammable liquids, chemicals or materials.

Features of Quick Vac Pool Vacuum
  • Excellent vacuum for hot tub's and spas.
  • Vacuum has no moving parts
  • Powered by siphon action
  • Easily vacuums out silt, sand, hair, lint, small leaves and grit.
  • 8-ft long discharge hose

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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