Pageant Spas Replacement Filters for Swimming Pools & Spas

Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges for a Pageant Spas Swimming Pool / Spa.

We offer a detailed and extensive selection of Replacement Filter Cartridges for your Pageant Spas filter. Our mission is to supply you with high quality produuct at very competitive prices. Not only can we provide you with the Pageant Spas filter you require to keep your spa and/or pool clean and safe, but we can also provide you with the support of our team of well informed professionals who have more than 40 years of combined pool and spa business experience.

If you have questions, give us a call. Our Toll Free Number and Office Hours are clearly shown in the upper right hand corner of this page. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it somewhere else for you. We're here to Help you find the right replacement cartridge for your Pageant Spas filter.

Filter Model / ( OEM# ) Outside
Length Inside Pleat Count Sq. Ft. Mfg #'s Sale Price
19 sq ft top load, Pageant Spas 4-5/8" 8" molded cone handle 158 19 4CH-21 $22.36
60 sq ft Pageant Spa 6" 16-1/8" semi-circular handle 158 60 C-6602 $52.60

Measuring Your Pageant Spas Filter Cartridge

If you do not know the part number or the Unicel, Pleatco, or Filber replacement number for your specific Pageant Spas filter cartridge, then follow the easy steps below to find the filter's dimensions:

  1. Measure the outside diameter of the end caps. Use exact measurement (+ or - 1/16th inch).
  2. Measure cartridge length from end cap to end cap (+ or - 1/16th inch). Exclude any handles or extensions.
  3. Measure the top inside diameter. Use exact measurement (+ or - 1/16th inch).
  4. Measure the bottom inside diameter.
  5. Note the name and model of the filter from which the cartridge came out, if available.
  6. Identify the correct top and bottom type.

Diagrams for each of these steps in the cartridge identification process can be found in our Guide to Identifying Your Filter Cartridge.

Before making your final Pageant Spas filter cartridge selection, double check the cartridge dimensions against the one that you wish to replace. If you have any questions or concerns about the filter cartridges listed here, or if you are having difficulty identifying the type of cartridge you need, please don't hesitate to email us or give us a call. We'll get you an answer quickly.

Cleaning Your Pageant Spas Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridges are most often made with either polyester cloth or corrugated paper. As dirty water passes through the filter material, it captures dirt and debris to help pool and spa water stay clean. Over time, this dirt and debris build up on the filter and can clog the filter material. With proper maintenance, though, a high-quality filter cartridge can last for several years.

Easy steps for cleaning your @mfr filter cartridge can be found on our Filter Cartridge Cleaning Instructions page.

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

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