Replacement Filter Cartridges Guide

Replacement Filter Cartridges Guide

How To Guide to Identifying Your Filter Cartridge

Do you know the Make & Model Number/Code of the actual filter? It is usally on the filter housing (not on cartridge) itself.

  • Examples of Makes: Sta-Rite, Pentair, Hayward, Jacuzzi . . .
  • Examples of Models: Crystal Flow, Sherlock, Clearwater, Proclean, Posi-Flow, Star Clear, Swim Clear, Tri-Clops
  • Examples of Models Numbers: C-250, 70TX, TC300, 100, 75 (there are a lot of these)

If so, do a search for it for as many of those Make, Model and/or Numbers you can find on the filter housing in the search box above.

Another way is to look for a alpha numeric model number in raised characters on the top and/or bottom of the cartridge itself. Unicels usaully looks something like C-####, Filter cartridges start with FC-####, and Pleatco cartridges NN###. If you find that model code, search for that in the box in the upper right hand corner.

If both of these can find your cartridge, and your are pressed for time, give us a call, we'll be glad to help.

To identify your Filter Cartridge you need to do the following:
  1. Measure the Outside Diameter of the End Cap. Use exact measurement (+ or - 1/32")
  2. Measure Cartridge Length. End cap to end cap (+ or - 1/16") exclude any handles or extensions.
  3. Measure Top Inside Diameter. Use exact measurement (+ or - 1/32")
  4. Measure Bottom Inside Diameter. Use exact measurement (+ or - 1/32")
  5. Identify the correct Top and Bottom type. Types are listed in table below.

If you know the Make (or the manufacturer name), with the above information, you might be able to find the cartridge from the list of Cartridges by Manufacturers

Common EndCaps for tops/bottoms of Cartridges

Open Top/Bottom

Open Top/Bottom w/Gasket

Closed Top

Closed Top
w/ String Handle

Castle Top

Molded Cone


Open Bottom
w/ Male Slip Fitting

Open Bottom
w/ ThreadedFitting

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