Magnus 54 Inch Hybrid Above Ground Swimming Pools

Magnus 54 Inch Hybrid Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Magnus 54 inch deep Hybrid pool features a 7 inch resin top ledge and resin bottom rail. Resin top ledge and bottom rail lock out corrosion and won't discolor or chip. 5 inch steel uprights and reinforced wall joints provide strength and durability.

The walls are corrugated for increased strength and resistance to ice and impact damage and are painted with Resin Shield for an extra layer of protection from corrosion. Not for inground or partial inground installation. 60 year warranty, 5 year full.

Features & Benefits:
  • 60 Year Warranty
  • 54" Wall Height
  • 7" Wide Top Rails
  • 5" Wide Uprights
  • Corrugated and Resin Shield coated walls

Swimming Pool, Skimmer, and Liner Only Includes
(unless you make modifications)
Swimming Pool Kit Includes
(unless you make modifications)
  • Pool Wall
  • 7" Top Rails
  • Bottom Rails
  • 5 inch Vertical Supports (Uprights)
  • Unibead Liner of choice
  • Wall Skimmer
  • Everything from first column plus
  • Blue Star 1HP 19in Sand Filter System
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Maintenance Kit

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