Pentair Pool Filters

Pentair Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

Pentair is the world's largest manufacturer of swimming pool products. Pentair offers more equipment choices than any other company. All Pentair products are designed to provide ease of installation and maintenance, energy-efficient performance, and outstanding reliability. For pool products you can really depend on, trust Pentair.

Pentair filters are engineered to help keep pools clean and crystal clear, with a minimum of maintenance. They're built tough to stand up to pool chemicals, corrosion, and the elements, providing years of trouble-free service.

The importance of proper swimming pool filtration cannot be overstated. The reasons for filtration are obvious - clear water not only looks beautiful, but it is also necessary for health and safety reasons. Much of the material suspended in the water, derived from plant and animal sources provides food for bacteria and algae. It is these materials that must be removed if a pool or spa is to be maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

Pentair has gone down a path we believe is to control pricing of sales of their products so the consumer pays more for their products. We feel this is fundamentally wrong for America's free enterprise and for now we have decided to not represent their products as of 2/13/2020.

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