Pool Frog XL Pro
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Pool Frog XL Pro

Automatic Chlorinator for Swimming Pools

All the benefits of the Pool Frog Model 5400 in ground Fresh Mineral Water pool system with the added value of a larger chlorine pac that lasts longer on pools up to 40000 gal, leaving your more time to enjoy your pool.

The Frog’s No-Touch fresh mineral water system, controls bacteria using a combination of minerals and reduced chlorine levels, keeping your water clean and clear for weeks at a time with no daily dosing or heavy chlorine odors because chlorine use is reduced by up to 50%. Don’t spend hours sanitizing and amp - cleaning your pool, when the Pool Frog® XL Pro® does the work for you, while you and your family experience an endless summer.

The Pool Frog® XL Pro features a Pool Frog Cycler and Mineral Reservoir Series 5400 along with a second Pool Frog Cycler designed to fit a Pool Frog 6 lb chlorine pac. This patented Fresh Mineral Water pool system utilizes a combination of sanitizing minerals along with a Low level of chlorine designed to destroy bacteria, without irritating skin or fading swimsuits. With our patented mineral formula, chlorine use can be cut up to 50% over standard water treatment programs.

The Pool Frog® XL Pro does the work automatically, simply insert the Mineral Reservoir into one Cycler for a summer’s worth of protection and replace the pre-filled chlorine pacs when empty - about every 3-4 weeks

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Features of Pool Frog XL Pro
  • For Inground Pools
  • 2 PooL Frog® Cyclers
  • 1 Pool Frog® Mineral Reservoir
  • For Pools with up to 40,000 gallons

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