Zeobest Sand Filter Media

Zeobest Sand Filter Media

A Substitute for Sand for use in Sand Filters

Zeobest is the superior alternative to sand for better filtration and water quality! Zeobest uses 100% natural Zeolite minerals and provides excellent water clarity, purity and quality. Zeobest has nearly 9800 times more square footage than sand which it enables it to small particles down to three microns for exceptional water clarity. Regular filter sand filters down to approximately 30 microns so Zeobest is 10 times better than sand! This amazing filtering media also removes the ammonia produced from dead organic material in the water, reducing eye irritation and odor. Plus, it will cut down on your pools chemical demands which will save you even more money!

Zeobest is easier to use than sand. Use only 1 lb of Zeobest for every 2 lbs of sand required. Half the product= Half the effort. Since Zeobest has a much more porous surface than sand, it will hold more. That means that you can go much longer between backwashings.

Zeobest is available in 25 lb. bags.

  1. SIGNIFICANT WATER CLARITY - 10 times the filtration of sand in your existing sand filter: sand 30-35 microns;  Zeobest 3 microns.

  2. LONGEVITY - Lasts as long as sand.

  3. ECONOMICAL Costs just a few dollars per year more than sand for 10 times the filtration & performance.

  4. HALF THE WEIGHT OF SAND - 50 lbs of Zeobest compares to 100 lbs of sand.

  5. BETTER BACKWASHING - Lighter product weight allows for better bed lift more complete backwashing of trapped particles.

  6. LONGER FILTER CYCLES Higher surface area allows for longer filter runs between backwashes.

  7. CATION-EXCHANGE CAPACITY - Absorbs ammonia to reduce chloramines (chlorine) smell substantially, beneficial to indoor and outdoor pools, salt regeneration not necessary on outdoor pool.

  8. NSF APPROVED - Approved for health and safety effects.

  9. COMMERCIAL GRADE - Engineered for commercial & residential applications.

  10. SIGNIFICANT WATER CLARITY - 10 times the filtration of sand filters inside, outside & between every particle for superior water clarity.

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