Winter Cover / Pool Size 15ft x 30ft Oval / 20 yr Tan
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Winter Cover / Pool Size 15ft x 30ft Oval / 20 yr Tan

PoolTux Emperor Above Ground Winter Pool Cover - 20yr. Warranty

The PoolTux Emperor Above Ground Winter Pool Cover is 8 mil Tan on black triple laminated polyethylene with heat sealed seams for added strength. The edges incorporate a sewn-in polypropylene cord for reinforcement. There are aluminum grommets spaced every three feet. A Deluxe aluminum cable winch and vinyl coated steel lock-down cable are included. 20 year limited warranty; 3 years full.


PoolTux Emperor Winter Pool Cover - 20 year

  • 20 year Warranty - 3 years full
  • Poly Threads (not cotton) are Stronger & Last Longer, won't Rot
  • 8 Mil Thickness
  • Rip Proof Grommets
  • Tan Top / Black Bottom
  •    One of the best polyethylene Winter Pool Covers.


Winter Cover Options

Chemical Closing Kits

Chemical Closing Kits include everything you need to close your pool this fall. All kits are formulated for specific pool sizes - just order the kit to fit your pool.

Cover Clips

Cover Clips grip your top rail like a clothespin and hold your cover on tightly. Cover clips keep your above ground pool's cover in place and helps reduce the wear and tear on a winter cover from wind damage.

Air Pillows

These rugged 16-gauge vinyl Air Pillows absorb freezing water’s pressure and helps protect your pool walls. The Air Pillow also reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover. Use an air pillow under your winter cover and it will also make draining the water off the top of your cover much easier.

Winter Cover Seal

The Winter Cover Seal for Above Ground Swimming Pools will help eliminate damage to your winter cover during high winds and harsh winter weather. Easy to install our cover seal only takes minutes to install and can be done by one person. This is a very simple solution to keep the wind from getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear.

Cover Pump

Cover Pumps are used to remove the water from your pool cover. They are available in manual models where you will have to monitor the pumps progress and unplug it when the water is off. Or you can get an automatic cover pump which senses when water is on the cover and cuts itself on and off automatically. All cover pumps are 110v.

Skimmer Guard

The Skimmer Guard is designed to absorb the expansion of the freeze, allowing your skimmer to last throughout the winter undamaged. Just place the Skimmer Guard into your skimmer to absorb any expansion caused by freezing water. The freezing water will actually compress the Skimmer Guard instead of expanding outward and cracEmperor your skimmer.

The recommended amount of cover clips for your pool is 60.

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