System 3 PLD Series 30 Sq. Ft. D.E. Filter/Pump
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System 3 PLD Series 30 Sq. Ft. D.E. Filter/Pump

Above Ground Filter System

Diatomaceous Earth media filter system designed for above ground pools. Advances in media technology and balanced flow design provide dirt loading capabilities up to 15 times greater than sand filters of equivalent size. Virtually maintenance-free operation for today's pool owner. Posi-Lok ring closure provides easy tank access. Corrosion resistant tank warranted for 10 years. 2" threaded tank ports, 1-1/2" x 2" reducer bushings and hose kit included. Includes hookup hoses, adapter fittings and clamps.

  • 30 sq.ft. DE filter
  • 1 HP Pump
  • Withstands Weather Conditions - made of Thermoplastic, corrosion resistant material.
  • Easy To Open - Posi-Lok ring allows fast and easy access to filter media.
  • Fast Maintenance - one piece filter makes cleaning a snap
  • 10 Year Limited Tank Warranty

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