Pool Party Swimming Pool Patio Furniture
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Pool Party Swimming Pool Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Designed to Be Used in both Commercial or Residential Pool or on Deck or Patio

Bring the party back to the pool with Pool Party patio furniture. A complete set of Pool Party furniture will make your time in the swimming pool more relaxing and enjoyable. Your friends and family will love spending time IN your pool, not sitting around it on the hot concrete gazing longingly at the beautiful refreshing water.

What makes Pool Party perfect for in the pool? The key is the unique three-fold patent pending foot-pad technology. The foot pad design spreads and softens the contact point between the tubular aluminum furniture and the vinyl lined floor... or concrete, tile or fiberglass. The pads not only soften the contact area with the vinyl floor, but the technology that has been built into the pad at the contact point where the pad is affixed to the chair/table leg makes it nearly impossible for any body weight applied to that chair to push through the pad and apply enough pressure to and thereby damage the pool floor, no matter who is sitting on it! The pads are designed to spread that weight out gently, and reduce the potential that any Pool Party Furniture pressure point would come into contact with the vinyl or floor surface.

The furniture and pads are designed to quickly fill with water as the RAFT is set into the pool and empty as it is removed. The table and chairs are not affixed to the pool surface, do not float and can be placed into the pool or removed easily. Their unique design allows  pieces of Pool Party furniture to quickly achieve neutral buoyancy, filling and draining quickly as the furniture enters or is removed from the water.

Lightweight tubular powder paint coated 100% aluminum is rust-proof and enables it to retain its luster and beauty through both bright sunshine and constant exposure to pool chemicals. With proper use your Pool Party Patio Furniture will provide you with many years of relaxation and enjoyment! Turn your pool into your entertainment center! Welcome the Adults back into the POOL!

Pool Party furniture works in most flat areas with a wall height of up to 42 inches If your In-ground pool has a wall height of more than 42in or if you are ordering your furniture for an Above Ground pool then you need to be sure to order the leg extensions.

Features of Pool Party Swimming Pool Patio Furniture
  • 12 inch Leg extensions can be added at an additional cost to make it taller in your pool.
  • Light Weight - So easy to move and arrange
  • Undeniably comfortable - Once you sit down on these chairs you will want a set for inside your home.
  • Attractive - Spruce up your place by simply adding this patio furniture to your collection.
  • Manufacturer Warranty - Two year limited warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.
  • Easy Cleanup - Take your chairs out of storage, spray them off, let dry and they look like new again.
  • Please Note: - Pool Party Furniture should be taken out of the pool and rinsed off when not in use. Leaving the Pool Party Furniture in the pool all of the time will cause the chemicals in the pool water to degrade the finish on the table and chairs

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