Fafco SunGrabber Bypass/Diverter Valve
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Fafco SunGrabber Bypass/Diverter Valve

To Regulate Flow To Your Solar System

The Fafco SunGrabber Bypass/Diverter Valve consists of one 1-1/2 inch threaded Ball Valve, two 1-1/2 inch Threaded Nipples, two 1-1/2 inch Threaded Tee Fittings, four 1-1/4 inch x 1-1/2 inch Combination Hose Adapters and one roll of Teflon Tape.

It is used to regulate the flow to your SunGrabber Solar System and to reduce excessive backpressure on your pump.

SunGrabber Bypass/Diverter Valve Manual

SunGrabber Installation Manual

Schematic Drawing

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