Brute Force Automatic Pool Cover Pump
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Brute Force Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Swimming Pool Cover Pump

The Brute Force Swimming Pool Cover pump can pump water off of your pool cover down to 3/16". This cover pump is equipped with an adjustable "go flow" high water sensor that will automatically turn on once the internal sensor detects water at the level you selected. The pump will automatically turn off once the water level has gone below the selected height of the "no flow" setting you have selected. You should always select a higher lever for the go flow setting than the no flow setting which will keep the pump from running dry. Never set the 2 levels at the same level as this will also cause the pump to run dry. The pump is designed to be cooled by pumping fluid so never let the pump run dry.

The Brute Force swimming pool cover pump will remove up to 1250 Gallons Per Hour from your winter cover. This powerful 1/3 HP cover pump will drain your cover quickly and only weighs 10 lbs. You can use it to pump water off your winter cover, pump water out of your basement, garages, spas, ponds and boats. The pump is fully submersible and clog-resistant.,

Great for use on all winter covers including solid safety covers. Comes complete with garden hose adapter and 32-ft. cord. 110-120V AC. UL listed. 1-Year Warranty.

Brute Force Operation Manual

To give your Brute Force cover pump more stability on solid winter covers - add our universal, low profile pump base. Easy snap on design fits either of our Brute Force Cover Pumps.

Pump with Stabilizer Base

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