Little Giant Submersible Pump 5 MSP
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Little Giant Submersible Pump 5 MSP

Swimming Pool Pump

This submersible multi-purpose pump is designed for clearwater transfer applications and household water removal.

This MSP 5-Series is a manual model. The manual pump can be converted to operate in automatic mode by installing a separate liquid level control. The pump motor is equipped with an automatic resetting thermal protector and may restart unexpectedly. Thermal Protector tripping indicates motor overloading or overheating

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Features of Little Giant
Submersible Pump 5 MSP
  • 1200 gph at 1 ft - 1170 gph at 3 ft - 1100 gph at 5 ft - 1000 gph at 10 ft - 520 gph at 20 ft
  • Operates submersed
  • 6.1in L x 4.13in W x 7.78in H
  • 25ft long cord
  • Epoxy-coated cast aluminum housing gives strength and heat dissipation for both consumer and professional use.
  • 1 inch FNPT discharge and includes garden-hose adapter.
  • Bottom inlet has removable screen for easy cleaning
  • Removes water down to 1/8in with screen and as little as 1/16in without screen
  • Thermally protected.
  • Multiple switch options for automatic operation
  • Manual operation
  • Semi-open Nylon impeller
  • 1 Year Warranty

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